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"Professor, it is time to bid your toy soldiers auf weidersehen!"
— Wolfram Von List to Gabriel Krafft

Oberführer Wolfram Von List is a character featured in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Vanguard, serving as the secondary antagonist. Von List was first mentioned in a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies audio log from Outbreak. Member of the Schutzstaffel, Von List is the leader of the SS unit "Die Wahrheit".


Army of the Dead

"All I saw was a uniform and a perfect haircut. I had no idea what lay behind those icy blue eyes."
Gabriel Krafft

Desperate to win World War II, Nazi Germany sought any means they could to assure an Axis victory - even the supernatural. Von List gathered many archaeologists, historians, and museum curators to scour the world of antiquities; hoping it could prove the existence of the fabled Aryan master-race with his brutal SS battallion - Die Wahrheit. One such man he gathered was Professor Gabriel Krafft, a demonologist at the University of Leipzig. In early September of 1939, Von List arrived at the University and met Krafft, as well as his assistant Franz, who were working on translating an ancient Sumerian scroll and told him that he was to immediately tender his resignation and to depart for an overseas trip to work for Die Wahrheit. Initially, Krafft declined, stating that he had no desire to twist history in the Nazis' favor. Von List then calmly shot Franz, and asked: "Do I have your attention now, Herr Professor?".

Wahrheit soon brought those he had gathered together in an SS prison and stated he would help them find various mythological objects and places, such as the Holy Grail, Thor's hammer, etc. Krafft stood out from the rest, stating he would rather die than help the Reich and their twisted regime. Von List simply smiled, amused by the comment. He then had Krafft's spouse dragged from their house and interrogated in an SS Prison. Von List gave the Professor an ultimatum: serve Die Warheit, or his spouse pays the ultimate price. Krafft begrudgingly accepted, accompanying Die Wahrheit in their expeditions across the globe. They would soon find five artifacts originating from the Dark Aether, each associated with an Elder God. One of these artifacts belonged to Kortifex the Deathless, a cruel, relentless former Lord of the Dark Aether.

"Oberführer Wolfram Von List... you are the instrument of my revenge. I give you an army of the dead! But our enemies have allies from beyond this mortal realm..."

These artifacts would end up in the hands of Von List, who had research conducted on them to further discover their potential. On March 7th, 1944, research group Projekt Endstation breached the Dimensional Membrane between the Dark Aether and their world through use of their cyclotron. This resulted in the Dark Aether Artifacts activating, including the one in Von List's possession. Kortifex, seeing a heart as black as his, would then bond with Von List through the Artifact. The Oberführer would discover that Kortifex had shared with him the power to raise the dead back to life - leading him to travel to Stalingrad to raise the fallen soldiers of the previous battle. There, he led an army of the dead with which he could march across Europe. Krafft then sent a distress call to the Allies who sent in operatives to investigate Von List's army. There, they would be trapped in a containment spell by Kortifex and forced to fight Von List's undead army.


Ultimately, Von List failed in his bid to turn the tide of the war in his favor. Decades later during the Cold War, Omega Group Colonel Lev Kravchenko would recall Von List during a conversation with the Oberführer's great-nephew, Hugo Jager.