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"EAT! Eat until you can eat no more!"
— Richtofen, upon using the Demon Gate bow

The Kreegakaleet lu Gosata'ahm (Decay Portal), also known as Demon Gate and commonly referred to in the community as the Demon Bow, Void Bow, or Shadow Bow, is one of four upgraded Bows on Der Eisendrache. The normal shot of this Bow will cause a small explosion, releasing a single skull that will kill 2-3 zombies before vanishing. Upon shooting a charged shot, a portal will appear and many skulls with emerge that stall and eat nearby zombies for a brief period of time. Up to three portals with their accompanying skulls can be present at once, with any more being fired dispelling the oldest portal. Zombies can be walked through while they are stalled even before they are killed. The Panzersoldat is also stalled for about 5 seconds if it is targeted by the skulls. Note that skulls have a limited number of targets however, and if any zombies are not actively being targeted, they will continue to pursue the player.

How to Obtain[]

"Broken souls? Sacrifice? I think I can manage that."
— Dempsey, during the crawler zombies step.

With the Wrath of the Ancients at hand, the players can release a demon trapped in an urn to empower the Wrath of the Ancients. With each step of the process, the demon will speak to players. If during the quest, the player rebinds with another upgrade path, they will be unable to interact with the steps until they rebind to the correct quest.

  1. Obtain the arrow - Within the Gate Trap room next to the Double Tap Perk Machine, the glyph of the Demon Gate is painted on the slanted ceiling between the two iron gates of the Trap. Shooting it with the Wrath of the Ancients will destroy the brickwork and drop the Demon Gate broken arrow and cause the Demon to speak to the player. If another quest is bound after this, the arrow will be replaced here.
  2. Release me - The demon wishes to be released within the center of the Trophy Room. A section of tile will start glowing purple. Melee killing a zombie directly over it will cause the tile to break open, revealing an urn. Interacting with the urn will cause it to rise out of the ground and create a summoning circle.
  3. Return that which is scattered - The demon wishes for what has been scattered to be returned to him. This is referring to six Keeper skulls around the map. Interacting with them will cause them to glow purple before returning to the summoning circle. Their locations are as follows:
    1. A few steps past the L-CAR 9 wallbuy when going up from the spawn room (Tram Station), before entering the circular area with Mule Kick. It is directly to the left of the zombie corpse slumped over the broken wall, in the nook on the floor with a lit lantern above it.
    2. Upper Courtyard, on a windowsill when going up the stairs just past the Vesper wallbuy, before entering the Church (Mission Control).
    3. Samantha's Room, near the bed in an opened toy chest against the leftmost wall.
    4. At Double Tap, directly to the right of the tipped over set of shelves next to the perk machine sitting on the ruined wall.
    5. Undercroft Teleporter room, in the sink next to a bucket on the right side of the room when entering.
    6. Rocket Platform, in the back truckbed of the truck to the left of the Trip Mines wallbuy.
  4. Broken souls must be sacrificed in my honor - With the Keeper skulls returned to the circle, the demon requires sacrifices to made. Those of "broken souls", refer to a zombie with their leg(s) removed. Players must lead a total of six "crawler" zombies into the circle at which point a skull will float up and kill them, before returning to the urn. The amount of remaining skulls floating in the circle is indicative of how many more crawlers are needed.
    • The Gobblegum Crawl Space is very helpful in creating crawlers, as are Frag Grenades early on. The Wrath of Ancients also begins to consistently create crawlers with uncharged shots starting with Round 18. The Ray Gun and XM-53 are also sufficient methods starting with Round 20.
  5. They know my name - With the sacrifices done, the demon will provide a hint to their true name by stating three out of the six crests (Griffin, Heart, Door, Stag, Crown or Horn). Remember the order in which it states these crests. In the T-shaped hallway connecting Samantha's Room, the Power Switch Room (Armory), and the Church (Mission Control), there are six suits of armor which bear the mentioned crests on their pedestals, and a seventh suit of armor with no crest on the pedestal, which can be safely ignored. Interacting with a suit of armor will show a glowing glyph which corresponds with that crest. By checking, players can discover which three glyphs correspond to the mentioned crests, and thus will have to be collected.
    • Killing zombies (only kills by the player going for this Bow will count) will now uncommonly drop glyphs which will be added into the summoning circle, though only the three glyphs corresponding to the crests mentioned by the demon are required to reforge the arrow. Zombies can also drop one of the three unnecessary glyphs; there is no penalty to collecting these unnecessary glyphs.
    • The correspondence between crest and glyph are randomized for each game.
    • The urn back in the Trophy Room can be shot with the Wrath of the Ancients to cause the demon to repeat the hint to check for the correct crests on the pedestals of the statues, so players know which glyphs to look out for. The order in which the Demon states these crests is important for the following step.
    • Getting the three needed glyphs may take several rounds, as the drops are random.
  6. What is my name - Once at least the three necessary glyphs have been collected, return to the summoning circle in the Trophy Room and shoot the three correct glyphs in the proper order on the floor of the summoning circle with the Wrath of the Ancients.
    • This will cause a pillar of flame to burst from the center of the circle, allowing the broken arrow to be placed within it to be reforged, and is able to be picked up after a few seconds.
    • If the incorrect glyphs were shot however, the demon will react violently and cause the skulls to spin around the sign for a time before settling above the glyphs again with the name reset.
  7. That is my name - Take the reforged arrow to the Undercroft and to the Pyramid, placing it in the box with the Demon Gate glyph. Killing zombies nearby the box will cause it to absorb zombie souls. Once enough souls have been absorbed, the Wrath of the Ancients can be placed in the box. After collecting 20 more souls the players needs to press the action button on the glyph which will complete the upgrade process and make the Kreegakaleet lu Gosata'ahm available for use.