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"Slow-motion zombie is best zombie. Aside from dead zombie."
— Nikolai, upon using the Wolf Bow.

The Kreeholo lu Kreemasaleet (Keeper Servant), also known as Wolf Howl and commonly referred to in the community as the Wolf Bow/Spirit Bow, is one of four upgraded Bows in Der Eisendrache. It fires very similar to the Wrath of the Ancients, having both a single shot and charged shot. The single shot will deal damage and slow down all zombies caught in its blast radius, while its charged shot (uses two arrows) will cause wolves to leap out of the point of the arrow's impact, dealing damage and slowing down any zombies, with a piercing effect. This shot will initially stun the Panzersoldat for approximately 3 seconds, dealing moderate damage.

How to Obtain[]

"Whenever armies clash, men are lost in sea of swords. Such is war."
— Nikolai, when observing the second painting.

The upgrading process tells the story of the Wolf King. With the Wrath of the Ancients in hand, the player must perform a selection of different tasks to recover the Wolf King's scattered bones from around the castle, and put him to rest within a coffin in the Undercroft. In advance, it is best to get familiar with these four painting locations hanging on walls around the map:

  • One in the Trophy Room near the KRM-262 wallbuy, connected to the Upper Courtyard.
  • One in the Clock Tower (Radio Room) directly before the spiral staircase inside.
  • One next to the barrier between Samantha's room and the Power Switch Room (Armory).
  • One on the balcony inside the Control Room closest to Power Switch Room (Armory) .
  1. Interact with each painting in this specific order:
    1. The Wolf King on his throne with his wolves.
    2. The Wolf King with his helmet on and riding his horse.
    3. A mountain with a castle and lightning.
    4. The Wolf King slouched by his shield, with Arthur next to him.
      • The order is always the same, as well as the four locations where paintings can be found, but which location each particular painting is at will be randomized each game. The player will hear a guitar strum audio cue if it is the right order as well as the dual wolf symbol appearing on the painting and persisting when walking away from the painting.
      • The paintings are provided as images at the bottom of this page, for additional clarity.
  2. Head into the Undercroft via the Family Crypt connected to Mission Control and the wolf symbol on the wall near the Pyramid area at the bottom of the staircase from the Family Crypt will automatically crumble, revealing the broken arrow which the player can now collect to proceed.
  3. Head to the Rocket Platform with the Wrath of the Ancients and shoot down a red flag. A blue glowing canine skull will roll down the hill and land for the player to pick up. The flag is located on a cliffside above and slightly to the left of the giant blast doors that shut during a Rocket Test.
    • The red flag needs to be shot at the base of where it is planted in the ground, not the actual flag itself.
    • While standing still, it is best to stand on the elevated platform with the Rocket to get as close as possible in height looking up.
    • It is possible to make the shot for this step while traveling midair via Wundersphere from the Bastion to the Rocket Platform, where the canine skull will already be rolling down the cliffside when the player lands. This is a tactic used by speedrunners, and takes some practice.
  4. Place the canine skull in the Wolf marked box next to the Pyramid in the Undercroft, and a spectral wolf will appear. Players will then have to follow the wolf as it heads towards one of three dig spots on the map. When the wolf arrives at a spot, it will attempt to dig, and the pile of dirt will begin glowing. Players will need to kill about 10 zombies, feeding souls into the dig spot. After enough souls have been harvested, the wolf will dig into the spot, revealing a pile of bones. Pick up the bones (no pickup HUD icon or text is shown), and follow the Wolf to the next spot. The dig spots contain the Wolf King's bones, buried by his servant Arthur.
    • The dig spots will be in this order: middle of the Upper Courtyard, then just outside spawn and before the Gate Trap, and finally in the Undercroft next to the Pack-a-Punch spawn.
    • If players fail to follow the wolf closely enough while it is walking to a dig spot, they will hear an echoing howl. Players will have to reactivate it by placing the canine skull in the Wolf marked box next to the Pyramid again.
    • When the Wolf is at a dig spot holding watch, players can leave it be if needed and return anytime.
  5. The wolf will walk deeper into the Undercroft area and sit underneath a large hole high up on the wall. The player needs to wall run until the symbol of the double wolf head appears above the crack and when in close proximity (the symbol being shown is the indicator) shoot it with the Wrath of the Ancients until it assembles a new platform until a platform assembles itself for the player to stand on in front of the large hole on the wall, which may take a couple of shots.
    • To wall run, Anti-Gravity must be enabled. This is done by standing for several seconds on each of the 4 tiles around the Pyramid until it is activated and persists glowing blue. Activating all 4 tiles will engage a period of anti-gravity during which players can wall run. After the initial activation, anti-gravity will periodically reactivate.
  6. Land on the platform and interact with the coffin, which reassembles the Wolf King's skeleton that holds out the reforged arrow for the player to claim. Take it to the Wolf marked box next to the Pyramid. 20 zombies must now be killed on the small stairs around the Pyramid or on the lower ground the Pyramid is situated upon. When complete, place the Wrath of the Ancients into the box. After a few seconds, the upgraded Bow will be ready to pick up.