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The X-Quisite is a buildable quest weapon featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombies in Spaceland.

Steps: Edit

  1. All four portals must be activated and traversed in order to access the Pack-a-Punch machine room in the center portal. Activate the UFOs from inside and all four of them will fly out and begin to circle around four traps around the park - Disco Trap, Rocket Blast Trap, Dragon's Breath Trap, and Chromosphere Trap.
  2. Activate each trap and kill 20-30 zombies at once, the UFO's will begin a longer circumventing flight path around their section of the park. Purchase an Arcane Core for 300 tickets and equip it to your weapon. Follow the UFOs and kill zombies to collect souls. Collect enough and the UFOs will drop an elemental part that can be equipped to the Arcane Core weapon.
  3. When a Brute spawns, lure it towards the alligator trap in the Kepler System. Time the trap activation to where the Brute will get caught inside the mouth, the Brute will stop the trap and break its teeth. Purchase the gold teeth from the Astrocade's prize booth for 300 tickets and replace them in the trap's mouth to open a cabinet inside it.
  4. The Cabinet has 4 small doors which must be shot with an elemental Arcane Core in order to reveal an elemental crystal. Collect the crystals and they can be used for their corresponding buildable quest weapons.
  5. Back inside the Pack-a-Punch room, there is another cabinet, but empty. Place the four elemental parts inside (earning a sticker for each one) and a purple elemental part will appear and fly out of the Pack-a-Punch room (the fifth sticker will be earned automatically once the last element is placed). Go back to the cabinet inside the alligator trap, and the Exquisite Arcane Attachment can be purchased and equipped to your Arcane Core weapon for $2000. (completing the X-Quisite Sticker Pack will earn the trophy: "Batteries Not Included")

Effects Edit

The Exquisite Arcane Attachment shoots purple venom which will deal continuous damage-over-time. In addition, the X-quisite will allows shots to reflect once off a hard surface, similar to how the Ram Servo does for Energy Weapons. Any weapon with the X-quisite attached will also get an increased magazine/clip size.

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