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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

The X-Quisite is the upgrade version of the Arcane Core buildable featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Zombies in Spaceland.


The X-Quisite can be bought for 2000 points inside the Crocodile's maw when completed. It can be attached to any weapon except Wonder Weapons, Melees and Launchers. It gives more ammo (except for Heavy Machine Guns) for the clip and the stock, increases your rate of fire, reduces recoil, enables your shots to bounce on walls and on the ground and gives a poison effect for your bullets, dealing damage over time to zombies. It should be noted that a weapon equiped with X-Quisite can deal damage to the Aliens. It shares the same step as the map's Wonder Weapons and can only be equiped to one weapon for each player. Completing the X-Quisite core and equiping it for the first time awards the Batteries Not Included achievement/trophy.

How to Obtain:[]

  1. Buy the Golden Teeth for 300 tickets at the Arcade Prize table.
  2. Open the Pack-A-Punch Room and let the UFOs fly around.
  3. Complete any of the elemental cores as soon as you can (See Arcane Core for details)
  4. When a Brute spawns, lead him towards the Crocodile's trap and let the maw close while he is inside. He will break the teeth and you should replace it with the Golden Teeth.
  5. A door will open revealing a Cabinet. The Cabinet has four slots, each one for each elemental core. Shoot the slot that corresponds your element. A crystal should be revealed for you to pick up.
  6. Go to the Pack-A-Punch room and put the same element as the crystal you just obtained. This will put the element inside the Cabinet and some ammo for your weapon should be recovered. Now, repeat the process for the remaining elements.
  7. After you stored the last element, a pink element will fly away from the Pack-A-Punch room until it reaches the Crocodile's Maw. Go there and equip it to your current weapon.


  • When using the X-Quisite alongside a Cyclopean ERAD, the weapon instead of being a laser beam will become a fast shot weapon but the bullets will not bounce around.
  • Despite the characters saying that normal weapons does not deal damage to the Aliens, the weapons that carry a X-Quisite deal damage. It is not a high amount, but can be used to hit the Alien when he is out of reach for the Wonder Weapon, saving some ammo for the close combat.
  • When using this item, you can actually kill zombies without aiming at them, since your shots bounce on walls. This can save you some time and avoid the risk of being killed.