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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts
For a similar vehicle, see T-90.

The X08 Selva Tigre (lit. Jungle Tiger) is a Main Battle Tank that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


According to the map Sovereign, the X08 Selva Tigre was developed sometime before 2014 by the Federation defense contractor "Industrias Soberanas" (Sovereign Industries) to serve as the country's main battle tank. It has not yet replaced the T-90MS by 2027, which remained Federation's Main Battle Tank. The X08 was built around a 22 megajoule magnetic weapon (a railgun; a conventional M1 Abrams penetrator delivers about 13 megajoules of kinetic energy) with 50 degrees of elevation. It was otherwise a conventional design, with a coaxial weapon alongside the main gun and a remote weapon station on the turret, alongside the commander's cupola, a 10.5 by 3.45 meter hull (slightly longer but thinner than the Abrams) with 1.77 meters of height and 0.47 meter ground clearance. The engine is located in the back, together with the main air intake, access ports, and the main drive sprocket.[1]

The multiplayer map Sovereign is located in a tank production facility, where numerous Selva Tigre tanks are being constructed. There are several poster schematics scattered all across the map identifying both the tank's designation and the name of the defense contractor responsible for its development. There is also a fully built version next to the A flag spawn.

During the level End of the Line, several X08s can be seen being built in the factory.



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