"Semi automatic sniper rifle. Deadly from the chest up, with moderate recoil."
— Description.

The XPR-50 is a Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It's the last sniper rifle to be unlocked in Multiplayer. It has similar damage multipliers to those of the Ballista, being a one-shot kill to the head, neck, chest, upper torso, and middle torso.

This sniper rifle is effectively a hybrid of the Ballista and the SVU-AS, possessing the same killing power of the Ballista and the high firing rate of the SVU-AS. The XPR-50 has the second highest sway of the sniper rifles, making Ballistics CPU an ideal attachment choice should the player focus on long range combat. Although semi-automatic and thus able to be fired quickly, the player may want to take their time to aim on a lethal spot due to the recoil and sway, which can make landing follow-up shots on targets rather difficult, especially at long range. Like the SVU-AS, the XPR-50 has very poor hipfire accuracy, which in close-quarters combat gives the weapon a disadvantage over other weapons. Although the player may rapidly try to hipfire, the chances of hitting the enemy are relatively poor, and thus a pistol is more efficient in these situations.



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  • The XPR-50 uses .50 BMG rounds, the same as DSR 50, despite having lower damage as the latter.
  • While crawling and firing, the RPM will be cut in half. This is also true for the SVU-AS.
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