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For a scorestreak with a similar name, see XS1 Vulcan.
For the enemy in Exo Zombies, see Goliath Exo Zombie.  

The XS1 Goliath, also known as the AST, Goliath armor, and ATLAS Goliath, is a manually-piloted mechanized suit of advanced armor that appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Heroes.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


The Goliath appears in the campaign as the AST (Armored Support Transport), used as both a friendly and enemy vehicle used by both Atlas and KVA forces. In certain levels, the player can use their exoskeleton's grappling hook to remove an enemy pilot from their AST.

The AST first appears (briefly) in Induction where one unit is piloted by a randomly named Marine NPC. The AST subsequently appears in Aftermath, where friendly units piloted by Atlas troops allow Gideon, Mitchell and two other soldiers passage through the gate protecting the civilian compound. They are first encountered as enemies in Utopia, deployed as an obstruction of Ilona and Mitchell's escape from New Baghdad; the ASTs appear in every other mission.

When Mitchell, Cormack, Gideon, and Ilona are captured and sent to an Atlas prison camp, the group is eventually allowed escape when Mitchell himself pilots a previously disabled AST, decimating the remaining forces as well as a few offensive mechs.

During the assault on Irons' commercial headquarters, Gideon and Mitchell pilot a pair and take out several hundred soldiers before using the suits' weapons to finally destroy the engine of the Manticore-filled rocket.


"A manually piloted suit of advanced armor with heavy weapons."
— In-game description.

The XS1 Goliath appears as a scorestreak in multiplayer. It requires a scorestreak of 775 if not using any modules.

It is dropped in via orbital pod, and is activated by the player, unfolding and wrapping around the player's exoskeleton. Players should take caution, as the location of the drop will appear on enemy mini-maps, and can be acquired by enemies.

The Goliath is player controlled, and can easily move around within indoor environments. However, there are points where the Goliath can't go through doorways with a certain height, and the XS1 Goliath is incapable of crouching, going to prone, or exo boosting.

The main weapon the Goliath uses is a GAU-3/A machine gun. The GAU-3/A fires very slowly, has heavy recoil, and usually requires 4 or more shots to kill an enemy. As well, the GAU-3/A is capable of overheating with sustained use. Due to this, it is recommended to use either the Under Barrel Rocket or Homing Rockets modules, both of which cost an extra 100 points. It is worth mentioning that both modules can be equipped at the same time. These rockets have devastating power, and will usually result in a kill with good shot placement. However, the player can only fire 1 rocket before enduring a lengthy reload. All weapons have infinite reserve ammunition, and the machine gun doesn't reload.

The rockets aren't largely necessary in Hardcore game modes, where the GAU-3/A will kill all enemies fairly quickly. However, they can be useful.

The XS1 Goliath can also equip a mobile Exo Ping (Recon module) or a mobile Exo Trophy (Trophy module) for 50 points respectively. The Exo Trophy is very effective, as it stop all explosives, rockets, and equipment coming its way. It has indefinite uses. However, a point blank shot with a rocket can bypass the trophy system, but will likely kill the attacker too.

The Goliath is very effective in Hardcore mode, as it offers much more precision than other controlled scorestreaks, leading to fewer accidental team kills. Additionally, the lack of a minimap will hide the Goliath's location unless the enemy team has a UAV. A drawback is the lack of a reticule for the machine gun.

The A.S.Ts in the campaign wear shamags and standard Atlas helmets. In multiplayer, they wear helmet similar to Cormack's in Crash


Module Additional cost Effect Icon
Recon 50 points Suit has exo ping. Recon Goliath Module AW
Trophy 50 points Mobile trophy system on suit. However, once a map flips, it will no longer be effective against Warbirds. Trophy Goliath Module AW
Under Barrel Rocket 100 points Underbarrel rocket launcher. Under Barrel Rocket Goliath Module AW
Homing Rockets 100 points Shoulder-mounted rocket pod which launches multiple projectiles on a locked target. Homing Rockets Goliath Module AW

Exo Survival

It also appears in Exo Survival, under the name XS1 Goliath for the player and known as A.S.T. when enemies spawn with it.

Enemy ASTs first appear at round 10 by themselves, and after that may appear alongside other enemies every couple of waves. They only use machine guns against the players at first, but in later rounds, after an update, they also use homing rockets. Being armored, it takes many bullets to take one down, but explosives are more effective. Despite their high health, however, they are very slow; slow enough that the player can easily get away if need be to recover health.

The XS1 Goliath, or the Goliath armor as Gideon calls it at times, can be obtained from Orbital Care Packages, but are also given to the Heavy class by default. They are extremely effective to use in hard rounds, because when the player dies while using the suit they will respawn within a few seconds even without the round changing, essentially giving the player an extra life. By default, the only weapon it has is a machine gun (the same one enemy ASTs get) to use against enemies, but the player can buy upgrades to it from the Exo Upgrade armory in the Scorestreak Upgrades section to give it new weapons, as well as other types of upgrades.


  • Recon (Round 6; 3 Upgrade Points): Send out a radar ping by pressing a button, which highlights enemies on the radar.
  • Trophy (Round 11; 3 Upgrade Points): Activates a Trophy System on the suit which destroys projectiles heading towards the player (for a limited time).
  • Under Barrel Rocket (Round 16; 3 Upgrade Points): Allows the player to fire rockets from the Goliath armor.
  • Homing Rockets (Round 25; 3 Upgrade Points): Allows the player to fire many rockets at enemies, but they must lock on first.

Exo Zombies

In the Exo Zombies map Carrier, Atlas troops using XS1 Goliath suits appear as enemies during Gas Bomb defusing rounds, along with other normal Atlas Strike Team operatives. They tend to appear past round 15. Due to the toughness of the Goliath and the threat posed by zombies and other Atlas troops, it is worth using powerful weapons such as the MAHEM in order to quickly dispose of enemy Goliaths. Unlike in Exo Survival and multiplayer, the Goliath will not melee if the player is close to it.

Call of Duty: Heroes

The ATLAS Goliath is a unit in Call of Duty: Heroes.




Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Killing a Goliath in multiplayer will count as a headshot in the killfeed and in challenges, no matter how the Goliath was actually killed.
  • Upon killing a player who uses the XS1 Goliath, the killer will be awarded the David medal. This is a reference to David and Goliath from the Bible. In the Bible, Goliath was a giant warrior who was killed by young David and his sling.
    • However, this was updated in a patch so it would say "Underdog".
  • If the player hits the unprotected part of the head in a Goliath, the player gets the headshot hitmarker variant.
  • When the suit operator dies, the HUD will read "255" in the ammo counter
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