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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

"Tank" Dempsey

"Field report. After a slight "diversion" out on the ocean, I've arrived on site at the Japanese facility. Time to see what horrors Division 9 have cooked up."
— At the start of a solo match.

"Richtofen is once again AWOL, leaving me to locate the test subject, alone. This should be interesting."
— Said at the start of round 2 (solo).

"All I know for sure is that Takeo 1.0 is somewhere on this island. Even without Richtofen, I know what needs to be done... and I'll do it."
— Said at the start of round 3 (solo).

"Not exactly, but I got a feeling we're going to find out."
— In response to Richtofen at the start of a co-op match.

"Your web-pooping days are over spider-freak!"
— Upon killing a spider.

"It's like a flashlight. A flashlight that fucks you up!"
— Upon killing zombies with the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

"You like flowers? They don't like you!"
— Upon killing zombies with the KT-4.

"What did I say about KEEPING YOUR DISTANCE!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"Knock it off, I'm not in the mood today, or any day. Ever."
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"Oh! Is this my birthday? You shouldn't have. No, really."
— When getting an SMG from the mystery box.

"Max Ammo? Ha! That's my favorite kind."
— When receiving a max ammo.

"Who needs points anyway? Oh, wait, we do."
— When receiving Double Points.

"Do I look like a fucking gardener to you?"
— Upon planting a seed.

"Really? Really? Really?"
— Upon receiving a low value item from a reward plant.

"A bucket? Maybe I should put it on Richtofen's head."
— Upon picking up a bucket.

"Looks like an angry bull... a VEGETA-BULL!"
— When the Thrasher starts running.

"These webs remind me of my great Aunt!"
— Upon slashing webs.

"What kind of a sick mind weaponizes mother Nature herself?"
— Upon building the KT-4.

"In your face spores, in your face!"
— Upon equipping the Gas Mask.

Nikolai Belinski

"Once more, I find myself... on strange shores. In the absence of other options, I will enact what little I know of the German's plan."
— Said at the beginning of a solo match.

"Somewhere on this island, amidst the chaos of Division 9's work, another Takeo awaits his future."
— Said at the beginning of round 2 on solo.

"I feel... a fog of confusion descending above me. I must act quickly, lest I forget our true purpose here."
— Said at the beginning of round 3 on solo.

"We are here to find other Takeo. And if I am right, I think it may not end well for him."
— In response to Richtofen at the start of a co-op match.

"This is how sausage is made!"
— Upon getting kills with the Fan Trap.

"Nature can be cruel... as can Nikolai."
— Upon killing a Thrasher.

"Your touch is unwelcome!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"Do not touch me again, hellpig!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"Nikolai cannot die!"
— Upon getting revived.

"I need a weapon with bullets... Many bullets!"
— Upon running out of ammo.

"When Nikolai hears click click, life may be over quick quick!"
— Upon running out of ammo.

"It's not FN Falafel, but it will do... I miss Falafel. "
— When getting an assault rifle from the Mystery Box. A reference to the FN FAL in Black Ops and Black Ops II.

"Shotgun is friend, good friend. Perhaps, best friend."
— When getting a shotgun from the mystery box.

"Tastes like medicine doctor would prescribe. That is not comforting thought."
— Upon drinking Juggernog.

"Wealth does not equate to happiness, only ability to buy things."
— Upon receiving Double Points.

"We must amass wealth, if only to survive through lean times!"
— Upon receiving Double Points.

"Bye bye click click! Hello bam bam!"
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.

"Max Ammo. Sounds like name of stereotypical capitalist hero."
— Upon receiving a Max Ammo.

"Hopefully this tastes better than bolshevik brand."
— Upon consuming a GobbleGum.

"Time to get gobbled, gum."
— Upon consumin a Gobblegum.

"Oho, this bucket is unlike those in Russia. It has no holes."
— Upon picking up a bucket.

"Must remember: water with 115 is not for drinking, water with 115 is not for drinking, water with 115 is not for drinking!"
— Upon filling a bucket.

"I am not inhabit of picking up skulls, or indeed ANY bones."
— Upon picking up a skull.

"My work will soon be undone. This I know."
— Upon repairing a barricade.

"Perhaps, something more sturdy than wood would be... worthy investment, da?"
— Upon repairing a barricade.

"My ability to progress should not be limited by my poverty..."
— Upon trying to open a door with insufficient points.

"Maybe useful, maybe not... I take anyway."
— Upon picking up a buildable part.

"Spores not so bad! Weak revolutionaries always overreact- (sound of hacking coughs) I-I'm sorry, excuse me! (more coughing)"
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"(coughing) Eugh, smells like over-boiled cabbage!"
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"I do not see problem, it is not bad. (hacking cough) Agh! Alright! It is very bad!"
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"I fix elevator, now perhaps we find object of our mission."
— Upon placing all the cogs on the generator for the elevator.

"Do not provoke me hellpigs! It will only make worse!"
— Upon being surrounded.

"You are very ugly, that is fact."
— Upon seeing a Thrasher appear.

"I will stand my ground, even if it is soiled!"
— Upon seeing a Thrasher appear.

"Pretty sure it wasn't good idea to make him so mad!"
— When the Thrasher starts running.

"I fear your bite may be as bad as roar."
— When the Thrasher starts running.

"Nikolai does not like anything with four legs!"
— Upon a Spider round beginning.

Takeo Masaki

"The influence of Group 935 casts a dark shadow across this island. Division 9 have aligned themselves with darkness. They are an evil that must be... extinguished."
— Said at the beginning of a solo match.

"Though I share none of Division 9's goals, it is with a heavy heart that I am drawn into conflict with my former countrymen."
— Said at the beginning of round 2 on solo.

"Perhaps here, at this remote location, I will find what Richtofen has promised me for so long... the message from the Emperor."
— Said at the beginning of round 3 on solo.

"You claim knowledge German, but we cannot know how or why the spirits will shape our destiny."
— In response to Richtofen at the start of a co-op mach.

"Situation less than desirable; No ammo..."
— When out of ammo.

"Two questions: Why must we fill the bucket... and with what?"
— When picking up a bucket.

"There are those who seek power over nature itself. Beneath the shadow of an evil, a new enemy has risen. Here, on this island. They had no idea of what they would unleash."
— In the Zetsubou No Shima Trailer.

"We must tread carefully. This island holds many secrets."
— When arriving at the Ruins of the Ancients for the first time.

"What is this abomination that stands between me and... myself!?"
— When seeing his mutated older self.

Edward Richtofen

"The island... home to Division 9's research facility. Their work is perhaps even more twisted and unnatural than that of Group 935. I almost admire them."
— Said at the beginning of a solo match.

"If memory serves, which is not always guaranteed, this facility sought to investigate the mutation effects of 115 upon a variety of biological specimens. Sounds like fun!"
— Said at the beginning of round 2 (solo).

"Assuming I succeed in neutralizing the next target, we are making excellent progress. Maxis will be proud of me."
— Said at the beginning of round 3 (solo).

"We all know why we are here, don't we?"
— Said at the beginning of a co-op match.

"This island is part of Division 9, Group 935's ally during the war."
— Said at the beginning of round two in co-op.

"I'm sorry to tell you that you are very, very ill. In fact, it's fatal!"
— Upon getting a headshot.

"Although you are half the size, you are twice as annoying!"
— Upon killing a crawler.

"It is only fitting that you spend your final moments on the ground."
— Upon creating a crawler.

"Goodbye, Specimen 16,000,001! I will always remember you! Oh, sorry, I've forgotten you already!"
— Upon knifing a zombie to death.

"You seem to be suffering from an epidemic, AN EPIDEMIC OF DEATH!"
— Upon killing zombies with the upgraded KT-4.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! Do you hear the sound of thunder?!"
— Upon killing zombies with the upgraded KT-4

"Will you please stop with that?! I have more pressing matters to attend to!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"I am no fan of the touching or the biting!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"I do not enjoy such unclean hands upon me!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"You tore my uniform. I will be very angry."
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"OW! That was more than a tickle!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"What do you want to achieve by slapping your claws at me?!"
— Upon getting hit by a zombie.

"Perhaps one day they will not need bullets. TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!"
— Upon running out of ammo.

"I would calculate my chances of survival without ammo, but it would only depress me."
— Upon running out of ammo.

"I am not stranger to a lack of ammo!"
— Upon running low on ammo.

"Calm yourself, horde. I will get to you in time."
— Upon receiving an LMG from the mystery box.

"I don't know, two weapons seem a little...flamboyant to me. Oh, who am I KIDDING? I LOVE IT!"
— Upon receiving the Marshal 16s.

"Dempsey likes this one. He won't admit it, but I know it's his special favorite."
— Upon receiving the Gorgon from the mystery box.

"It is as if it knew exactly what I wanted, but it gave me something else."
— Upon receiving a "bad" weapon from the mystery box.

"I will try to contain my disappointment. (angruly) NGAAAAARGH!"
— Upon receiving a "bad" weapon from the mystery box.

"Well, that could not have come at a worse time!"
— Upon the box disappearing.

"Ehh, sometimes it makes my eyes water."
— Upon drinking Juggernog.

"I hope Nikolai does not follow my bad example."
— Upon drinking Quick Revive.

"For me? You really SHOULD HAVE!"
— Upon receiving a max ammo.

"Surely all this ammo has to come from somewhere!"
— Upon receiving a max ammo.

"Quick, before somebody changes their mind."
— Upon receiving a Double Points.

"Maxis, Samantha, Eddie... they are safe. Dempsey, too. Maybe Takeo. Oh, Nikolai... why must you fight it?"
— While waiting for Pack-a-Punch.

"I am a doctor, not a botanist! That's people, not plants!"
— Upon planting a seed.

"There! You have been planted, plant"
— Upon planting a seed.

"Someone, somewhere likes me."
— Upon receiving a Blood Money from a reward plant.

"Even the damned taste fortune from time to time."
— Upon receiving a Blood Money from a reward plant.

"Success! Small success, but success none the less."
— Upon receiving a valuable item from a reward plant.

"Of course! I'm the obvious target..."
— Upon receiving the SVG-100 from a reward plant.

"Not exactly the intended outcome..."
— Upon receiving a grenade from a reward plant.

"It seems that I have made a teensy weensy miscalculation."
— Upon receiving a grenade from a reward plant.

"I wonder, did Division 9 choose to contaminate the water supply, or was it an accident?"
— Upon filling a bucket.

"I wonder if the spiders weaved these webs to warn us, or perhaps even protect us? Unlikely, but I'm trying to be optimistic."
— Upon slashing a web.

"The Ruins of the Ancients. Our journey to locate our lost warrior begins."
— Upon arriving at the Ruins of the Ancients for the first time.

"We must venture deeper into the twisted depths of Division 9's facility."
— Upon opening the doors to the Bunker.

"With the support of Group 935, Division 9 took human experimentation to... a different level... heh."
— Upon entering the Testing Labs for the first time.

"(coughing) Sorry, there's something in my throat. (coughing) Sorry, more things in my throat. (more coughing) It's a big throat."
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"(coughing)Why does the stench of death hang heavy in this island?(coughing)"
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"(coughing)My nose...My eyes, my mouth. Every sense has been tainted!."
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"(coughing)My nasal passages have been violated!(coughing)"
— Upon entering a spore gas cloud.

"Just out of curiosity, what vegetable are you most similar to?"
— Upon a Thrasher spawning.

"Something in the swamp has awoken."
— Upon starting a ritual.

Multiple Character Conversations

"Tank" Dempsey and Edward Richtofen

Dempsey: Hey Richtofen, why don't you tell your pal Maxis to drop us off exactly where we need to be next time?
Richtofen: We are dealing with the complexities of the interdimensional time travel across a fracturing universe! It's not exactly easy... Keep a close watch on Takeo. We need him alive before we... we uh...
Dempsey: Before we need him dead? Yeah... I know the drill. Been there, done that.
Richtofen: I hope your recent trauma hasn't affected you too negatively Dempsey, after all it was all for the best.
Dempsey: Trauma? Call it what it was Richtofen. You had us track down another me just so we can kill him off.
Richtofen: I told you before Dempsey. It is essential that we remove all fragments of our other selves.
Dempsey: Yeah, yeah yeah... Their continued existence could still lead to the destruction of the Earth and the collapse of the universe.
Richtofen: Do you trust me yet, Dempsey?
Dempsey: After everything that's happened and the way you seem to be the one in charge of bouncing us around, I don't see how I've got a lot of choice.

"Tank" Dempsey and Nikolai Belinski

Dempsey: So Nikolai, I hear you say something a while ago about going back to your family?
Nikolai: I think you are mistaken. Perhaps confused.
Dempsey: So, about your wives. How many do you have, or you're just claiming victories you've never had?
Nikolai: I do not wish to discuss this matter any further. We have mission... You appear closer to Richtofen than I have seen before. Do you really consider him an ally?
Dempsey: Look, he knows a whole lot more about this craziness than the rest of us. I think he really does have a plan.
Nikolai: I am still unsure of the German's motives. For all his talk of making things right, there is still madness in his eyes.
Dempsey: Maybe that madness is what we need right now. Tell me, Nikolai. Do you think you could do it? Kill your other self if it meant would put things right?
Nikolai: I would never give up without fight. This I know deep in my heart.

Takeo Masaki and "Tank" Dempsey

Takeo: Are you beginning to see the method in Richtofen's madness? You, who were once a sworn enemy?
Dempsey: The German's the least scary thing around here. Besides, we're all in this together. We need each other.
Takeo: You seem all reflective these days. Perhaps you are not the head-strong Dempsey you once were.
Dempsey: I think you're reading too much into things, Tak. I'm just tired after that swim... So, you sure you're up to the task ahead, Tak?
Takeo: We are not certain what lies ahead. My path may be different from yours.
Dempsey: I'm just sayin', Tak. If you have to do what I had to do, you may not find it...easy.
Takeo: Your concern is as appreciated as it is unexpected, Dempsey. Aside from your ramblings in heat of battle, you seem to be more peaceful, Dempsey.
Dempsey: What can I tell ya? Seeing how you check out is a hell of a way to get perspective.

Edward Richtofen and Nikolai Belinski

Nikolai: So, here we are again, out to extinguish another flame that you say stands between us and peace.
Richtofen: When the time comes, Takeo will do what needs to be done. He always does.
Nikolai: The others seem to believe in your madness, Richtofen. I have yet to see proof that you're not leading us down a dark path.
Richtofen: Make no mistake, Nikolai. The path ahead is very dark. I have never pretended otherwise.
Nikolai: You have spoken of how Element 115 corrupts our minds, our memories.
Richtofen: It is an inevitable side-effect of our travels. I'm surprised you're not used to it right now.
Nikolai: If 115 really does corrupt our thoughts, what does that say about you, Richtofen? You have been exposed more than any of us.
Richtofen: It is a burden that I am willing, no, destined to bear... Do you trust me yet, Nikolai?
Nikolai: We have followed you this far, but where we are going? I'm not sure. I will deal with future when it comes.

Takeo Masaki and Edward Richtofen

Takeo: When you talk of our mission, you refer only to the test subject. Are you afraid to say his name?
Richtofen: Believe me, Takeo. It is far better to let go of personal attachments. They will bring you only heartache.
Takeo: I fear denying Dempsey the chance to better understand himself, may have consequences.
Richtofen: Even had he been conscious before his death, I do not believe that Dempsey had any great knowledge to impart.
Takeo: You promised that you would deliver a message from the Emperor, Richtofen. I can wait no longer.
Richtofen: I will keep my promise. You will have the Emperor's message before the sun rises on this island.
Takeo: How will my path differ from that of the American? Will I too have to confront my own mortality?
Richtofen: We will cross that bridge when we come to it, Takeo. Even I am not sure exactly how events will play out... Do you trust me yet, Takeo?
Takeo: You have promised me answers. I have to believe you will stay true to your word.

Takeo Masaki and Nikolai Belinski

Takeo: You and the German who were once sworn enemies, Nikolai. Are you beginning to see his goals, as though they are your own?
Nikolai: Ours isn't an alliance of convenience, Takeo. I still despise the German with every fiber of my being.
Takeo: You must have a strong reason to align with the German. I sense a longing in your soul, a longing for something beyond your reach.
Nikolai: I may have dreams, Takeo, but I know they are not reality. My life is only war, it is all I know... Do not question me any further, Takeo. My thoughts and my past are mine, and mine alone.
Takeo: I have little interest in your secrets, Nikolai. Unless they are the kind that put our alliance at risk.
Nikolai: I will fight until there are no more battles to be won.
Takeo: And when that day comes, what kind of man will you be, Nikolai?
Nikolai: When all this madness ends, I will still be the man I always was: a loyal servant of Mother Russia.
Takeo: Richtofen may have confidence in his plans, but none of us can truly know the nature of our own destiny, Nikolai.