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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

"Khalil was a hero of the Cairo uprising. You know that will make him a valuable asset for their propaganda! They will make an example of him."
— Minister Said about Khalil

Lieutenant Zeyad Khalil (Arabic: زياد خليل) is a major supporting character appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. He appears in the level Black Ops, as well as every Egyptian-based level in the game.


Khalil is a commanding officer of the Egyptian Army. He first (chronologically lastly) appears in the level "Black Ops", where he is rescued by the player and Jacob Hendricks on Minister Said's demand, despite their orders being only to go for Said. After that, they extract him and Said to the extraction point.

Khalil re-appears (chronologically firstly) in the level "Rise and Fall" where he assists the player and Hendricks in defending Cairo against the Nile River Coalition troops.

In the mission "Demon Within", Khalil and his troops, along with Hendricks, Kane and the player track down Taylor, Maretti and Hall to Kebechet, Egypt, where they then battle Sarah Hall and her Manticore mech.

In "Sand Castle", Khalil and the Egyptian Army launch a massive attack on the Egyptian water aquifers out in Bawati, Egypt, where they assist Hendricks, Kane and the player in locating Maretti and Taylor.

Khalil appears for the last time in "Lotus Towers", where he, along with Hendricks and The Player, the Egyptian Army and the Civilian Militia to recapture Cairo from the NRC. While Hendricks and the Player are chasing Taylor, Khalil calls for help when he's surrounded by NRC forces and captured, where he is eventually brought to the NRC's airfield in Ethiopia a few months after his capture.


In reality, The Player died in the Coalescence Hospital by surgery complications. Therefore, Khalil's experiences with The Player are not real, apart from being rescued by the Player and Hendricks in the mission "Black Ops". All other appearances are based on missions John Taylor was a part of while hunting down Dylan Stone.


"The D.E.A.D.S are the only reason we are still here."
— Khalil in "Rise & Fall"
"Thank you. I will not forget this."
— Khalil thanking The Player in "Rise & Fall"
"I hope I'm right to trust you."
— Khalil's last words during the ending cut scene of "Rise & Fall".
"They just keep coming. The NRC assault is relentless - we're struggling to gain a foothold in this fight. We need more air support if we're to secure the platform. "
— Khalil in "Sand Castle"
"Citizens of Cairo! Now is your time! Take back your city!"
— Khalil in "Lotus Towers".
"Central! I need reinforcements at my location, heavy NRC forces have surrounded us!"
— Khalil's last words in campaign.



  • In Arabic, Zeyad (زياد ziad) is a common name while Khalil (خليل khalyl) is a placeholder name.