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Ziggy is the name of a spiderlike micro-sized unmanned system featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II mission "Karma". It is remotely controlled by David Mason and is used to crawl through ventilation shafts within Colossus. Judging by the status report on the left side of Ziggy's camera display that refers to a subsystem called an "RTG battery," it is likely that Ziggy is powered by a radioisotope thermal generator. Ziggy has a full-color camera with a scanner that can be used to carefully study an object as small as an eyeball, providing all information necessary to replicate that object in virtual space. Ziggy also has a taser device that can be used to disable electronic devices, and to incapicitate or kill dismounted personnel. It has legs that can grip most surfaces, enabling it to climb walls and jump over small gaps. Ziggy requires continual operation by a human being (a "man in the loop").

When Ziggy was deployed in Colossus, it was used to spy on hostile mercenaries planting bombs around the floating city, to disable a power box, to open an access grate, and to ambush a lone security guard in order to scan the guard's eye. When the process of scanning was finished, Ziggy was found by an enemy mercenary who smashed the unit. Despite being apparently broken, Ziggy can be recovered later in the mission and appears almost intact with only broken legs, which completes a challenge.


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