"Best dry-aged meat this side of the Ukraine. Aromas that will tantalize the senses"
— Zoo's menu description

Zoo is a multiplayer map released in the Escalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The map is set in an abandoned Soviet zoo, with a large monorail that runs through the map.

Overview Edit

Zoo is a medium-large urban terrain. It has several vacant animal exhibits and cages, empty souvenir shops are given jungle-house like skins like in amusement parks and several dry fountains.

Developers at Treyarch have stated that the monorail is vital to crossing the map efficiently and also offers a great vantage point.


Video Edit

Zoo Gameplay

Zoo Gameplay



Actual Soviet poster.

  • There are many cages all over the map which hold animal skeletons.
  • The glass windows inside the aquarium (located in C2 on the multiplayer map) can be shattered, giving players the ability to climb inside the empty aquatic tanks.
  • One of the posters depicts actual Soviet poster from the 1920s dedicated to the first Russian animal trainer Nikolai Pavlovich Gladilschikov.
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